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As a former foster child, my passion is advocating for and with foster care youth, publicizing the challenges that they face and addressing their developmental and emotional needs through workshops.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hunger, Love and the Search for Home

Quotes from "Trail of Crumbs" by Kim Sunee:

- About her boyfriend: "Suddenly I can't find the words in any language to tell Oliver that it's not an honor to be 'adopted' again and again and that he can't just order me an identity, create an instant history. He doesn't seem to grasp that my past is the one thing he can't conquer or fix."

- About her stepdaughter: "I wonder how it is that I have become a makeshift mother, this clueless substitute. Do I have the right to discipline her? What can I possibly teach her besides the comfort of food, the gifts of the table, the importance of language and the unique strangeness of being a foreigner?"

- About her therapist: "It is thanks to sessions with him that I can start to give shape to the pain caused by this constant need for departure. This crazy idea that I must keep running in order to survive, in order not to be loved too much or not enough. Running so I will never have to deal with someone not wanting to keep me."

- About her relationship problems: "I repeated my own abandonment, preempting another absence - the fear of being left again, this time by someone I have grown so attached to, a real family."

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