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As a former foster child, my passion is advocating for and with foster care youth, publicizing the challenges that they face and addressing their developmental and emotional needs through workshops.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Working to feel worthy of love

"I lived my life in pursuit of perfection, because that was the only way that I felt the world would deem me worthy of its love.

"Now, I just don't give two shakes about making the world love me. I know who does and that it is based on who I really am, not who I want you to think I am.

"I spent too much time in my twenties running, denying that the past could have any influence on my present. Screw that. I'm too tired to play that game anymore, especially since striving toward being honest is so much more rewarding."

- Martini, Adrienne. Hillbilly Gothic.


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