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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I love what Loquacious posted about Madeleine

"Godspeed, Madeleine L'Engle. If there's a there there, you know what to do. Your work is cut out for you. Be Named and know that I love you."

I liked this posting by Gingersnap as well:

"When she visited my small grade school in the late 80s, she was the first famous person and author that I had ever met, and it was quite a wonderful shock to discover that she was so human. That, more than anything else, made me believe that I actually might be able to be a writer someday. One of the best days of my childhood."

I had to totally agree with Kanolia, who posted:

"And there dies yet another piece of my childhood."

I was touched by Arctic Woman's confession:

"Why am I crying? Madeline L'Engle, you were so important to me. You taught 8-year-old me that the world was amazing, that science was interesting, and that I - using my mind - could be the hero of my own story. Thank you for all your gifts."

And this, from a writer identifying his/herself only as CMYK, was just funny and cool:

"I remember, during one of my many re-reads of A Wrinkle In Time, I sat down and thought about a tesseract. I visualized everything - the square, the cube, the cube squared - and for one brief perfect moment I got it. I could see the whole thing inside my head, backwards and forwards, and I understood how it worked. Then it slipped right back out of my skull, because a tesseract is an awfully big thing to stuff into a child's head. But for the moment I got it, it was awesome."



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